The new official website of Anhui Strong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was launched

2022-09-24 10:47

Anhui Strong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in developing and selling automotive parts since founded in 1996. We have passed the quality system certification of TUV IATF 16949. Now our products have been exported to European, America, and other countries.

Since its establishment in 1996, We have registered two famous brands, "Yaoqiang" and "SAP." "Yaoqiang" mainly manufactures crankshaft pulleys, power steering pulleys, and water pump pulleys. We have adopted processing technology, including steel spinning, plastic injection, aluminum alloy die-casting, plastic pressing, and CNC machining processing. By using advanced technology, the production cost and period are much reduced, the product quality is improved, and the competitive ability of our products with superior quality and best price is significantly increased in the world market. Especially the steel body spinning technology, aluminum spinning technology, and processing craft are all at the top domestic level, several core technologies have already gained national patents, and our annual production capacity reaches several million pieces.

“SAP is mainly produced by Automobile chassis parts, using aluminum forging processing technology, produced aluminum control arm, steeling section, brake plier, and one hundred species of aluminum forging machines from the chemical formula of aluminum, forging, heat treatment, fluorescence detection, surface processing, and precision machining, has complete production chain, to ensure the product quality control. In addition, aluminum shaft seat products match with the American manufacturer.

We have developed its own unique people-centered corporate culture featuring "technology innovation, people-oriented, integrity cooperation and pursue perfection" we persevere in our effort to improve our equipment performance and worker ability, and we sincerely hope to build good cooperation with you for our prosperous mutual business through our high-quality products and best service.

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